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Shopping Dubrovnik

There is not much to say about shopping in Dubrovnik. Being a small city with limited growth potential Dubrovnik actually does not have huge shopping malls we see in large cities.

There are four smaller shopping malls in Dubrovnik:
- Doc shopping mall located in Lapad
- Mercante Shopping mall located in Gruz
- Minceta mall in Gruz
- and Srdj mall in Gruz

Apart for these malls there are many single shops and boutiques throughout Dubrovnik with a diverse offer. Many of the shops are located within the walled City Dubrovnik.

Within the walled City Dubrovnik except for the designer clothes shops there are many souvenir shops, jewelry shops and art galleries offering a wide range of souvenirs, some authentic, and some tipically tourist. Authentic souvenirs would include hand-knitted tablecloths, lace knitted table-cloths, and traditional jewellery.
Art galleries offer a wide variety of pictures but the usual motif is mainly Dubrovnik or charachteristic parts of Dubrovnik.

Apart from traditional jewellery, modern and authentic hand made jewelry is also produced in Dubrovnik. We recommend for you hand made jewelry collection from Dubrovnik by M&R Art. More information you can find on the artists web site: Dubrovnik Jewelry.

Fresh groceries are purchased at the "placa" (pronounced "platza" - market) where local producers offer home grown vegetables, fruit and other local produce for sale.

There are three such markets in Dubrovnik and they work from early morning up to only about noon time:
- Within walled City Dubrovnik on Gundulic Square
- In Gruz close to the port (including the Fish market)
- In Lapad close to the Hotel Zagreb


Home --> Vacation Activities --> Shopping Dubrovnik
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