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Masjid Dubrovnik - Mosque in Dubrovnik

Majlis Dubrovnk - sign on the entranceDuring many centuries of the Dubrovnik Republic, many Muslims passed through Dubrovnik as merchants, officials of the Ottoman empire, and pilgrims as Dubrovnik was a starting point for pilgrimage to Mecca. However it is only after the fall of the Republic that the first Muslim families permanently settled in Dubrovnik.

Entrance to the Majlis building in Miho Pracat streetIn 1878, by Vienna congress, the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina was integrated into the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy hence Dubrovnik and the Herzegovina hinterland became parts of the same state. With this integration a free flow of people ensued thus the first Muslim families arrived to permanently settle in Dubrovnik. Commercial development of Dubrovnik port of Gruz in the beginning of the 20th century created an additional demand in the work force thus many more people migrated from the nearby Herzegovina to Dubrovnik. Some of those people were also Muslim. The Muslim in Dubrovnik came mostly as workers or merchants.

Masjid DubrovnikIn 1920-s the small Muslim community started organizing themselves in terms of worship and at first they held prayers in private houses. It is known that in 1929 the prayers were held in the house of Karamehmedovic family. However this kind of worship was not adequate for the growing community hence the search for a more suitable premises ensued. The idea about creating a Majlis (Islamic Community) in Dubrovnik started in 1932 and in 1933 the Majlis was realized and the first Imam (the one who leads congregational Islamic worship) was appointed.

Interior of the Masjid in DubrovnikIn 1937 goldsmith Josip Krilic agreed to assist the small Muslim community by leasing his store house in Ranjina street for the purpose of worship. This space was not used for long as it lacked water supply. Later another space was found in the street behind St Blasius church, on the third floor. However the search continued until 1941 when the community leased the premises in Miho Pracat street, house number 3, (the location of Masjid today). In 1964 the premises became the ownership of the Islamic community and prayer worship is held there until this very day.

Lantern marking the entrance to the Mosque in DubrovnikThe three story building in the Miha Pracata street includes a Masjid (place of worship), offices, a Mektebi (religious instruction room), a library and a youth club. In Dubrovnik style the entrance is marked with an outdoor sign lantern that is hanging from the building. The Masjid is located on the 2nd floor and open on a daily basis from 10.00 am - 1.00 pm. The access into chambers of masjid is alike entering a private flat which later expands inside into spacious masjid.

Masjid Dubrovnik GPS Coordinates:
42°38'24"N 18°6'31"E


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According the 2001 census there are 2310 Muslims living in Dubrovnik. There are also a number of descendent families that still bear traditionally Muslim names and respect the tradition but do not practice Islam.

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