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Sightseeing Dubrovnik

Your sightseeing of Dubrovnik can be done in two ways: on your own, or with a licensed guide. You could also do a combination of both in order to keep your budget in line with your abilities.
Should you arrange a guide service, please ensure that your guide is licensed and on the start of the tour ask to see his license card.
When you arrange a sightseeing tour with us we offer you only certified guides and services in order to keep your stay in Dubrovnik care free and worriless.

Licensed Dubrovnik Guide - ID card
ID card of a Licensed Dubrovnik Guide - picture above

There are many sights in Dubrovnik that may be of interest to you. However some may be of more interest than the other thus it all depends on your interest. Should time be an issue organise yourself and choose in advance what is your priority.

In any case your sightseeing of Dubrovnik should start with the visit and exploration of the walled City of Dubrovnik. Please note that Dubrovnik is a bit tricky for some to handle because of many of the locations are not really accessible to the handicapped due to the need to climb so many steps to arrive there. An example might be St. Ignatius Church or the City Walls.

If you are able to climb the steps, then a visit to the City walls is a must do. The whole length of the walls is almost 2 kilometres (1,5 miles) and if you have to compromise with time, we recommend that you visit the western part of the walls to the top of the fort Minceta as this is the most impressive part of the Dubrovnik City walls complex as it offers an undisputed view of whole of Dubrovnik City (Old Town). The entrance to the City walls varies from year to year but in the time of writing (2011), The entrance fee was 70 HRK - Croatian Kuna (10 Euro / 14 US Dollar). Please note that the payment in foreign currency is impossible.
However credit cards are accepted and there are many exchange offices on Stradun street including two banks where you are able to exchange money.

The most notable sights in Dubrovnik Old Town are:

The Rector's Palace - used in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic as the seat of the Rector. The Rector's palace is an interesting place to visit as it has a beautiful open atrium and features historical decoration, paintings, and exhibits throughout the building.

Maritime Museum - is located in the fort of St John and accessed via the south eastern entrance to the City walls. Maritime museum features exhibits from the rich maritime history of Dubrovnik. It is a very informative, yet small, two floor museum.

Many sacral buildings - Church of Saint Blaise, the Cathedral, The Synagogue, the Mosque, the Orthodox Christian church, St Ignatius church and dozens of smaller churches throughout the City.

Franciscan Monastery - featuring the old pharmacy and beautiful cloister - basically a garden amidst the stone walls of Dubrovnik.

Dominican monastery - with its cloister and the museum featuring a collection of old jewellery and paintings.

Sponza Palace - on the Stradun street features a memorial room to the fallen defenders of Dubrovnik from the past Homeland War

Ethnographic Museum Rupe- located in the old granary Rupe. You can reach it by continuing with the steps to the south of the Siroka street (Wide street), the only street more wide than Dubrovnik standard width in addition to the Stradun street.

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Sights outside walled City Dubrovnik:

Arboretum Trsteno - It takes 24km (15miles) to reach Trsteno and the famous Arboretum. The arboretum was a summer residence of the Gozze family from the 16th century. Being built in the age of the Renaissance, the Arboretum is resembling heaven on earth.

Ston - Defensive wall complex of Ston and the Salt pans of Ston nearby. It takes about 80 km (60mi) to reach Ston.

Zupa, Konavle, and the town of Cavtat - Nature, walking paths and beaches of Zupa and Konavle are worth experiencing. The town of Cavtat is one of the most beautiful small towns in Croatia. It takes 8 km (5mi) to Zupa and 18 km (12mi) to Cavtat and Konavle.

Srdj Hill - View from the top of the Srdj hill gives you overview of the whole Dubrovnik area. Srdj hill is a 512 m high hill overlooking Dubrovnik. You can reach the top via cable car service or by road.


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