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Getting Around Dubrovnik

First thought that comes to mind when visiting a foreign city usually is: "I'm here, what now?"
To cope with this initial confusion, we included this part where we will try and give you a picture of different parts of Dubrovnik, explain the ways of getting around, and teach you all about Dubrovnik basics.

You might want to consult Dubrovnik Map also. (Link opens a new window)

Parts of Dubrovnik

Generally we split Dubrovnik in several major parts and these are the ones you will most often face:

Grad - Dubrovnik's historic centre, in English sometimes referred to as Old Town or Old City. The correct translation however should simply be: the City. This is the best known part of Dubrovnik and we will cover it separately in Essential Dubrovnik.

Pile [peela] - This archaic part of Dubrovnik is maybe small in size still it could easily be the most important. It is the connecting link between the City and all other city parts. Located just to the west of the City walls it is the final city bus station when going into the historic centre and the usual place for picking up a taxi. Hilton Imperial hotel is located on Pile with a wonderful view on fort Lovrijenac and the Pile entrance into the City.

Ploče [ploche] - Full name should be "Ploče iza Grada" meaning Ploce behind the City. As you can deduct from the name itself Ploce are located easterly of the City walls and are the elite residential area with magnificent view of the City Walls, open sea, and lush green Lokrum island. In this part some of the most exclusive Dubrovnik hotels found its place: Hotel Excelsior and Grand Villa Argentina.

Gruž [gruush] - The port of Dubrovnik found its proper place in Gruz. Gruz is located Northwest of the City and is an attractive passenger vessel port and a marina. Gruz is a residential area with a view of Lapad and beyond to the Elaphite islands.

Lapad [laapad] - Certainly the biggest and most beautiful part of Dubrovnik found its place on Lapad peninsula, thus the name Lapad. This part is located to the west of the City and is a place of many hotels, beaches, lovely promenades, and walking tracks. Lapad is also a very nice residential area. The part of Lapad called "Uvala Lapad" or simply Uvala, meaning the bay of Lapad is a place of a lovely promenade beside the bay filled with hotels and beaches. The Uvala promenade continues in a lovely sea-coast walking track to the very end of the peninsula and returns following the coast on the other side of peninsula. The track passes through "Dubrava - Babin Kuk" which is another part of Lapad worth to mention.
Lapad is sometimes called the lungs of Dubrovnik because of hillock Petka which is filled with dense oak wood. Another lovely walking track leads to the top of this hill, a vista point that offers exquisite view.

Dubrovnik Transportation

Main type of public transportation in Dubrovnik are the city buses. The bus line network is extensive and interconnects all parts of the city.

Follow the link to open a new window and examine the city bus lines.

The buses drive all day in 20-30 min intervals with exception of the early morning when the bus traffic stops for 3 or 4 hours.

However taxi service is available around the clock and you can easily pick up a taxi on a taxi station. Taxi service will never cost you more than 100 HRK (approx. 25$ or 15€ (2011)) in any direction within Dubrovnik city limits. Should you need a transfer from the airport you are welcome to use our Dubrovnik Transfers service.

If you are planning to drive a car in Dubrovnik be aware that lots of streets are one way and sometimes you have to make a big circle around to get somewhere you would like to go. Best advice is to think where you are going and if in doubt ask some by-passer whom will gladly assist you. For renting a car in Dubrovnik refer to our sister site recommended partner: Dubrovnik Guide - Rent a Car

If you feel up to it you can easily reach any part of Dubrovnik just by walking. It takes you less than 1,5 hours walking to reach the historical centre from the very end of Lapad peninsula.

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