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How to get to Dubrovnik ?

Traveling to Dubrovnik has always been an open issue for tourists traveling to Dubrovnik. People always wanted to know how to get to Dubrovnik, what is the simplest way of arriving, and how much they have to spend on their trip?
We will now try to answer these reoccurring questions and present you with some useful travel related resources in order to help you organize your trip to Dubrovnik.

To reach Dubrovnik you can either go by car, bus, ship or plane. It is impossible to get to Dubrovnik by train, the closest you can get is Ploce.


Getting to Dubrovnik by car

Before you decide to travel to Dubrovnik by car you need to ensure that you have a valid driving licence, vehicle registration document, and a green card (certificate of insurance). You should know that the roads in Croatia during summer time tend to be overcrowded especially on border crossings. Please note that allowed alcohol blood level content in Croatia is 0.0, and everything above is punishable by law.

If you choose to drive then the recommended way is to follow the autobahn to Split and from Split continue to Dubrovnik following the Adriatic coast road which is single-carriageway and closely follows the coastline. The view and feel along this Adriatic road is miraculous although the road may be strenuous for those not used to driving. The trip from Split to Dubrovnik takes about 3,5 to 4 hours drive.

If you are not up for driving, you can always load your car onto a ferry in Rijeka or Split. For more details please consult arriving by ship.

Resources worth consulting:

Croatian Automobile Club - Web page of the Croatian Automobile Club provides information on traffic and road conditions and gives useful traffic related advice.

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Getting to Dubrovnik by bus (coach)

Dubrovnik is connected by bus lines with all larger cities in Croatia and other important cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. There are also regular lines with some cities in Germany and Italy. For precise details check the actual timetable.

Follow the link for the updated timetable of regular bus arrivals and departures from Dubrovnik: Bus (Coach) Timetable

Approximate trip duration for some popular connections:

Zagreb --> Dubrovnik - 10 to 11 hours drive

Split --> Dubrovnik - 4,5 to 5 hours drive

Rijeka --> Dubrovnik - 11 to 12 hours drive

Medjugorje --> Dubrovnik - 3 hours drive

Additional Resources:

Buses in Croatia - Useful web services that searches for bus timetables in Croatia.

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Getting to Dubrovnik by ship

Dubrovnik is connected with a regular ferry service with Bari, Korcula, Island of Hvar, Split and Rijeka. Many other cruiser ships have regular calls to Dubrovnik.

The trip from Rijeka to Dubrovnik takes about 24 hours.

Additional Resources:

Jadrolinija - Croatian company, operators of regular ferry service to Dubrovnik. Check their web page for prices and timetables.

Dubrovnik Port - Information on Port of Dubrovnik with additional useful information to cruise line passangers.

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Getting to Dubrovnik by plane

The easiest and most affordable way to get to Dubrovnik is to fly. There is a number of companies that offer cheap seasonal flights to Dubrovnik so you better keep an eye out and compare prices wisely before you decide.

Dubrovnik Airport is located in Cilipi and is about 18 km (12 miles) outside the city. To get to Dubrovnik you either go by taxi, aero-company organized bus, or you can arrange a transfer service. If you wish to arrange a transfer service for your arrival don't hesitate to contact us for quotation.

Useful Resource:

Dubrovnik Airport - Official page of the Dubrovnik airport. There you will find the timetable and the complete list of companies that fly to and from Dubrovnik.

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Railroad transport in Croatia

For the map of the passenger railroad network in Croatia follow this link: Croatian Railroad Network. At the moment Croatian railways is reorganizing, hence some lines might be cancelled.

Additional resource:

Croatian Railways - Official web of the Croatian Railways. All about Croatian railroads and train timetables.

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