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The heart and soul of Dubrovnik, the Old City, lies defended behind magnificent white stone walls that sprout out from the sea jellauslly hiding the wonderous architectural marvel of Dubrovnik. And these hidden and marvellous treasures are the very reason for you to join one of our uncovering City Tours and discover the marvel that dwells behind the walls.

Simple Dubrovnik Tour
Dubrovnik Tour - Onofrio fountainIn this light-headed Dubrovnik Tour you will be exalted by all the essentials: the unavoidable Stradun stroll, round of the fountains, turn near the cathedral, and the visit to the side streets for that special something.



More of Dubrovnik Tour
Dubrovnik Tour - Stone wellThe more you will know and see of Dubrovnik, the more you will love it. And this tour uncovers you the promised more: more hidden details, much more stories and local legends, and guided museum visits for the extra of everything.



Most of Dubrovnik Tour
Dubrovnik Tour - Rector's palaceThe most Dubrovnik has to offer is packed into this champion's tour. Relive the long passed times and enjoy the beauty presented as you journey with our guide throughout Dubrovnik palaces, churches, monasteries, and museums.



The Great City Tour
Dubrovnik TourLook no further. Dubrovnik City's pride and joy, the very top of our guided tour offer. Your taste for Dubrovnik will be pampered throughout the Tour. We will enlighten your soul with the Dubrovnik spirit and maybe you will take it home: Libertas !

guided tours City Tours
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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. Stradun or Placa is the name of the Dubrovnik Old City main street. It is approximately 300 meters in length, pedestrian zone, and it streches from the Pile to Ploče gates, following the line of the channel that once divided the town into two parts.

2. Dubrovnik City Walls are unique and surround the whole Old City. The City Walls are 1940 meters in length and have up to 25 meters of height. The whole Dubrovnik City Wall complex was built from the 8th until the 16th century.

3. Orlando column, the work of Antun Dubrovčanin from 1418 is the statue of Paladin Roland. It stands on the center square between Palace Sponza and St. Blaise church. The forearm of Orlando was the standard measure of the Ragusan cubit, lakat.

4. The most beautiful cannon in Dubrovnik, made by the greatest cannon and bell founder of its time Ivan Krstitelj Rabljanin ( Johannes Baptista Arbensis de la Tolle), is from 1537 and is named 'lizzard'. The cannon can be found on the fortress Lovrijenac. The same man forged the bell of the City's Bell Tower in 1506. The bell is still hanging in the bell tower, sounding precisely every full hour.

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