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Great City Tour

Great City Tour is the ultimate tour for Dubrovnik's Old City. Starting point for the tour is Pile or alternatvely Ploče. Explore up to four hours of Dubrovnik through this marathon tour. The tour reveals you all of Dubrovnik including all the secret gems and hidden details that you would usually miss.

Great City Tour gives you an option of a guided visit up to four museums of your choice and an opportunity of a guided stroll around the whole complex of Dubrovnik City Walls.

This tour comes in package with the panorama trip which basically takes you to a beautiful vista point where you can make your own picture postcard style photo.

Please note that there is no itinerary so if during the tour you wish to sit down for a drink, a cup of coffee or anything else you are free to do so.

Also note that this is not a group tour but your private tour which means that you will have a privilege of having your own personal guide without of hassle of sharing a guide with a crowd of strangers.


guided tours City Tours --> Great City Tour
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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. To the west of Dubrovnik, on an bluff overlooking the sea stands the lonesome fortress Lovrijenac. That is the only fortress not connected to the City Walls. The fort bears a Latin inscription that encaptures the soul of the Dubrovnik Republic: "Non bene pro toto Libertas venditur auro!" meaning: "Freedom is not sold for all the gold in he world" This line actually comes from one of Aesop's fables by Walter called "De cane et lupo" - "The dog and the wolf"

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