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Simple Dubrovnik Tour

Starting point of the Simple Dubrovnik Tour is Pile or alternatively Ploče. From Pile you commence your 1,5 hour journey into the rich and amazing history of Dubrovnik. Strolling down the Placa street you will learn about this ancient city starting from its very beginnings. You will learn about the way it used to be and the way it is now. You will experience wondrous works of architecture followed up by trivia, facts, and anecdotes.

Among the featured themes of the tour you will find:

- Dubrovnik before and after the Great Earthquake of 1667
- St. Blaise Church
- Rector's Palace
- The Cathedral
- Sponza Palace
- The Old harbour
- The City Walls
- The story of Orlando column
- Water supply system and the Onofrio's fountains
- Francisian and Dominican monastery

However actual themes will vary depending on your interest. Bear in mind that the Simple Dubrovnik Tour does not visit museums or City walls. If that is what you are looking for check our other tours.

Please note that this is not a group tour but your private tour which means that you will have a privilege of having your own personal guide without of hassle of sharing a guide with a crowd of strangers.
All our tours are lead in a flexible manner so you will have a chance to learn about and experience the theme that interests you the most.


guided tours City Tours --> Simple Dubrovnik Tour
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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. Dubrovnik has the title of the city with the second oldest European synagogue. The oldest is in Prague. The synagogue did indeed function throughout the Second World War.

2. Dubrovnik has the third oldest pharmacy in Europe. Opened in 1317, it is still working.

3. In 1444 Onofrio de la Cava completed the water supply system for Dubrovnik by bringing the water from the 20 km (15miles) distant well. This is the 5th European water supply system. The part of that system are the famous Big and Small Onofrio's fountains.

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