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Dubrovnik Adventures

Speed Boat Adventure
Speed Boat AdventureSpeed boat adventure includes a skipper and a real fast F22 boat that will take you on a sightseeing cruise around Dubrovnik area according to your interest. The adventure becomes complete as you can enjoy picnicking, water skiing, snorkeling, banana, and water tube rides.


Donkey Riding Adventure
Donkey riding adventure in DubrovnikDonkey riding adventure is your chance to meet one of the most interesting and probably the smartest animal in the world. This Dubrovnik adventure will take you to the hill of Srdj, 412 metres above Dubrovnik, to enjoy the nature and the panorama view from the saddle of a donkey.


Dubrovnik Kayak Adventure
Dubrovnik kayak adventureKayaking beside the City walls in Dubrovnik is one of the unforgettable experiences on a Dubrovnik vacation. The kayaking tour will take you beside the city walls, around Lokrum island and onwards to a swim and snorkeling fun.


Horseback Riding Adventure
Dubrovnik horseback ridingHorseback riding adventure in Dubrovnik region of Konavle is suited for anyone. It is an amazing experience that will show you a joy of riding through virginal landscape of Dubrovnik country while enjoying fresh coastal air.


Diving Adventure
Diving in DubrovnikClear blue sea and flourishing diversity of sea-life are the integral parts of each dive in Dubrovnik region. Join one of our diving adventures and experience the pure Adriatic and uncover the hidden treasures that lie masked on its lush bottom.


Rock Climbing Adventure
Rock Climbing in DubrovnikFeel of freedom, strength, and constant adrenaline is what Dubrovnik rock climbing adventure is all about. The reward of beating the vertical steep and getting to the top of the world with the whole countryside bowing at your feet is unbeatable; the feel is unforgettable.


Caving Adventure
Caving in DubrovnikCaving in Dubrovnik gets the best of speleology. Explore the excitement of deep running caves and unique untouched chambers. Get in touch with nature to overcome the obstacles and get the reward of rarely seen sights of breathtaking cave interiors.


Hiking Adventure
Trekking in DubrovnikHiking in Dubrovnik Region is probably one of the things to do before you die. You will rejoice while breathing fresh air and ascending the rough terrain up to the top for a rewarding view of the whole area. After a strain of the hiking track, pictures and a good feel will stay forever.


Bicycle Touring Adventure
Bicycle tours in DubrovnikBicycle rides in raw nature are not only healthy but indeed fun. The Bicycle tours follow amazing tracks which are graded upon your bicycle riding skills so they range to the fairly easy ones to the really challenging for those enthusiastic adrenaline riders.


Bungee Jumping Adventure
Bungee Jumping in DubrovnikA bold step is all it takes to plunge into adventure! Bungee Jumping belongs to those rare and intense adventures where adrenaline rush flows down your spine in just a second making your whole body shiver in excitement. Step right in for the bungee jumping experience on the bridge of Dubrovnik.


Paintball Adventure
Paintball in DubrovnikPaintball is not just another war game, it is a game of cunning and strategy. You fight with your team against the opponent utilising teamwork and field tactics. The winning team is the one that outperforms the other team in eliminating its players. Only the most resourceful survive!

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