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As years pass by nightlife in Dubrovnik is becoming diversified. Some years ago there were not so many places to go out. However each year brings something new, thus today Dubrovnik nightlife is sparkling with new life and interest.

Evenings begin with an unavoidable relaxing Stradun street strolls (the main street of walled City Dubrovnik) and develop into a turmoil of happenings as cocktail are served in buckets and lovely hostesses and hosts approach with invitation for a club night out.

It should be noted that nights in Dubrovnik tend to start up a bit late. Especially Saturdays you will notice that locals tend to go out around midnight or even later. Saturday is the main out going night while the rest of the week is a more or less a lottery shot and the crowd attendance depends mainly on happenings. However there are lot of happenings in the late spring and summer time while late autumn and winter tend to be a bit dull.

Since the weather in Dubrovnik is mild and the nights in summer are quite warm, a lot of evening nights out tend to take place on terraces, with live music , sea side views etc.

Techno and Alternative parties are known to take places on some of the beaches close to Dubrovnik. Puntizela is the name of a popular gathering for amateur bands taking place on Puntizela beach near Srebreno. Another interesting happening is the traditional techno party that takes place on a beach in Orasac.

In Dubrovnik you will notice that people tend to go out in the small bars in the streets left and right of the Stradun street. The bars in the streets are quite small and can not accommodate so many people, thus the crowd takes up the street while waiters go in the street about the bar and ask for your order. The bars closing time is about 1am. However the party is commonly continued up to 3am.

Other place for a night out is the Iva Vojnovica street where some smaller bars / clubs are known to hold special evenings. However this is mostly during the off-season.

Casinos in Dubrovnik are mainly connected with the hotels and some Dubrovnik hotels are known to hold shows for their guests as well. The shows are organised close to an open pool side bar.

Romantic souls will find that Dubrovnik has a lot to offer as there are many seaside bars and other places that offer amazing views, atmosphere with an soothing ambiental music. Dubrovnik is one of the best places for Honeymoon sweethearts. Uvala Lapad promenade is especially suited for those in love.

There are some special happenings in Dubrovnik that provide for an excellent night out in Dubrovnik.
This is the New year in Dubrovnik as there is usually an open Stradun street celebration with fireworks and live performances. Smaller parties are held in clubs and bars throughout Dubrovnik while a huge 3 day techno party is traditionally held in Lazareti, few hundred meters from the walled City Dubrovnik.

Ceremonial opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival on the August 10th each year is a festive event that takes most people out of their homes and the highlight of the evening is the fireworks show after which the night out is continued until the early morning.

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