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Clubbing in Dubrovnik is more live in summer months than it is the rest of the year. During the rest of the year the happenings are more seldom when compared to the summer months and people tend to stay at home if the weather is not as good as perfect.

One of the most popular clubs in Dubrovnik now is Culture Club Revelin located in the Revelin fortress at the east entrance to the Old Town Dubrovnik. It plays all sorts of music and features many thematic nights (techno, rave, rock etc.).

Club Lazareti is located at the spot of the old Dubrovnik Quarantine from the 16th century in front of the walled City Dubrovnik (east side). It is a host to the alternative scene of Dubrovnik and many concerts take place at this club.

Latino club Fuego is another Dubrovnik night club. Although name suggest some kind of latin music the reality is that Fuego club plays all popular dance music from the MTV charts. the club is located at Pile, west of the walled City of Dubrovnik.


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