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Sightseeing Vacation

The Sightseeing vacation is organised in such a way that you will be able to enjoy many interesting sights in Dubrovnik Region. The vacation plan will bear in mind the duration of your vacation and the time you have at your disposal during your vacation, thus trying to adapt the scheduled sightseeing.

The first day of the Sightseeing vacation will be the tour of the Old City and the visit up to four Dubrovnik museums. The day will be complete with the guided stroll around the City walls.

Second day will take you to a marvelleous vista point and a panorama view of whole Dubrovnik. From there we will continue to Konavle and the ancient town of Cavtat where you will be introduced to the rich history of Cavtat. We will conclude the day by visiting a restaurant in a setting of an old mill and enjoy the specialties: lamb and veal baked under the bell or the grilled trout served with the homemade bread baked in the custom of our grandmothers.

Third day will take us to peninsula Pelješac and the town of Ston, most famous for its saltworks and its mighty defensive walls, second only to the Great wall of China. Before the day is over we will have ourselves a treat to famous Pelješac oysters and mussels and have us a glass of that prefect necture, wine from one of many Pelješac wine cellars.

On the fourth day we will visit the Arboretum in Trsteno and enjoy the beauty of pure nature and architecture of one of the most beautiful Renaissance gardens.

Fifth day will take you on a cruise to the three islands in the Elaphite archipelago, namely Kalamota, Lopud, and Šipan. You will experience the best of these islands and learn why Dubrovnik aristocracy chose these islands for their summer mansions. The cruise will include lots of sun swimming and a fish picnic.

On the sixth day we will make an excursion to Montenegro and the wonderful Kotor bay where you will experience the history and proverbial beauty of this amazing country.
By returning to Dubrovnik we will bade you farewell and the Sightseeing vacation will be completed.


Home --> Vacation Planning -->Sightseeing Vacation
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