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Dubrovnik Region Tours

We are proud to present you with the following tours through the enchanting Dubrovnik Region:

Cavtat Tour
Cavtat TourCavtat tour takes you to the most beautiful town in Croatia. Built on the foundations of ancient Epidaurum Cavtat is appealing to the eye and the soul. While taking a stroll on its pitouresque seaside promenade you will learn of the attractions and its many stories.


Konavle Tour
Konavle TourKonavle Tour introduces you to simple beauty of country life in Konavle. You will have a chance to enjoy the countryside, experience the atmosphere of an old mill and even have a chance to taste the various delicacies that Konavle has to offer.


Arboretum Tour
Trsteno TourArboretum Tour brings you to Trsteno, a town of many famous Dubrovnik sea-captains, where you will indulge in beauty of a five century old garden, its architecture and collection of exotic and decorative trees and shrubs.


Dubrovnik Riviera Tour
Dubrovnik Riviera Tour - SrebrenoDubrovnik Riviera Tour shows you intriguing townships along the Dubrovnik Riviera. This Tour combines the elements from the Cavtat and Konavle tours and is flexible in content depending on the interests.


Elaphite Islands Tour
The Elpahite Islands Tour - LopudElaphite Islands Tour takes you on a journey to the three islands in the Elaphite archipelago. These calmingly green islands are the nature's finest. The islands are filled with medieval summer mansions, small churches and Roman ruins.


Korcula Tour
Korcula TourKorcula Tour is a trip to the outskirts of the region, to the island of Korcula where you will learn all about Town of Korcula and the history and culture of this magnificent island, home of the quality olive oil and the birthplace of Marco Polo.


Peljesac Tour
Peljesac TourPeljesac Tour guides you through the scenery of peninsula Peljesac, its vineyards and towns. You will experience medieval Ston, famous for its unique defensive walls and have a chance to enjoy a treat to quality wine from Peljesac wine cellars.


Mljet Tour
Mljet TourIsland Mljet is the featured destination of Mljet tour in which you will explore this endemic island. You will visit the National park Mljet and be amazed by its lush green forrests, abundant clear blue lakes and soothingly fresh air.

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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. King Edward stayed in Cavtat and leisured on his yacht beside the promenade for his vacation right before he went home and abdicated.

2. The present Ston was founded in 1333, as soon as Dubrovnik got hold of Peljesac. The town was fortified by 980 m long walls, forming an irregular pentagon, with more massive towers on the corners. The total length of walls is about 5 km (about 3miles). The huge fortified complex was built by Dubrovnik between 1333 and 1506. Famous masters include: Zupan Bunic 1455, Bernardin from Parma 1461, Olivier the French 1472-1478 and Paskoje Milicevic 1488-1506.

3. The chapel of Our Lady of the Snows in Trsteno keeps an altarpiece of Madonna with Child by Pieter Coecke van Aelst.

4. Mljet's is mentioned in the legends of Odyssey (Ullyses) and St. Paul. According to legend hero Odyssey was shipwrecked near Melita and lured by nymph Calypso to an islet named Ogygia. The cave named Odysseus (Ullyses) cave can be found today near the Mljet's town of Babino Polje. There is also an islet named Ogiranj. Just coincidence or something more? The story of St. Paul mentiones a groundng on an island in the Adriatic Sea suspiciously similar to Mljet.

5. Endangered species of Mediterranean Monk Seal can be ocasionally seen near the coast of Mljet.

6. In Ston and Mali Ston more than hundred families grow mussels and oysters. These sea-shells alongside wine are the best product od the peninsula Pelješac.

7. Picigin is a Croatian game played in knee deep shallow water. The team of players stand in circle and are trying to keep the fist sized ball always in the air by hitting it in any way possible while making an attractive performance which includes jumping, plunging and other various breakneck stunts. The best terrain for this game is the sandy beach of Šunj on Lopud island.

8. All streets in Korčula's Old Town have steps, that is all but one, which is called "The Street of Thoughts" as you can stroll heedlesly without tripping over.

9. The great Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović made the Mausoleum of the family Račić from Cavtat beside the place of St. Roch's church from 15t century in 1921. The mausoleum is built of snow white stone from Brač in the form of cupola. No other material was used except bronze for the door, bell and the angel.
The whole mausoleum is full of symbolic representiations of three basic stages of human fate, namely : birth, life and death.
Bell founded by Meštrović's design embodies a beautiful
"Comprehend the secret of love, you will solve
the secret of death and believe that the life is eternal."

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