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Pelješac Tour

Pelješac Tour is a half day tour (up to 6 hours). Drive along the Adriatic coast road takes us to medieval town of Ston built on the ideal of Dubrovnik.

Guided tour of Ston will reveal to you a all the beauty of this ancient town. The things that will amaze you the most about Ston are its defensive walls 5 kilometers long (about 3 miles) in the shape of a pentagon. Ston wall is the second longest wall in all of Europe, surpassed only by Hadrian's Wall between Scotland and England. The town was strategically positioned to guard its centuries old salt pans which are still being worked today.

Our journey continues through the beautiful landscape of peninsula Pelješac. Pelješac is a region of vineyards, quality wine and real tasty sea-shells. We will make a small stop for a taste of fresh Oysters and a glass of famous Pelješac wine. Of course you will be welocme to stock-up on mussels and especially oysters for which they say are the nature's aphrodiziak.

Before returning to Dubrovnik we will make a visit to one of the Pelješac wine cellars for an opportunity of wine tasting authentic Pelješac wines.


guided tours Region Tours --> Pelješac Tour
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Dingač is the first Croatian top quality wine of protected geographic origin: Geneva –1961. Dingač is made from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown in the limited locality known as Dingač on the steep southern hillsides of the Pelješac Peninsula. It has a deep ruby red color, remarkably distinctive and rich bouquet and subtly pronounced varietal aroma.

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