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Cavtat Tour

Cavtat tour is a half day tour and it lasts up to six hours of Dubrovnik excitement. The tour starts of by coming to Pile or alternatively Ploče for the tour of the the Old City where you will be introduced to the rich history and beautiful architecture of Dubrovnik Old City. The tour of the City will include a visit up to two museums of your choice.

Afterwards, the tour will bring you onwards to a panorama trip to a wonderful vista point offering an incredible picture postcard view of the City, Lokrum island, and open sea. From the vista point you will enjoy the view many others found irresistably breath taking.

We will then take you to Cavtat and introduce you to this appealing exceptionally beautiful townwhich is a well known tourist resort and a popular weekend holiday area.

In Cavtat you will learn of its history, hear of its many anecdotes and legends dating back even to the Roman times.

You will also learn of the work of Vlaho Bukovac, a famous Dubrovnik painter from Cavtat and of Baltazar Bogišić, a lawyer, just another Cavtat celebrity. One of the Cavtat attractions is the Baltazar Bogišić's collection. Most prominent Cavtat attractions include the Mausoleum of the Račić family by the gratest Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović and the native house of Vlaho Bukovac.

While in Cavtat you will be able to take a walk around this simple town, its historical streets and alleys and enjoy the visit to its many shops and boutiques.

Sunny seaside promenade is the place where you will be able to take a sit and rest, maybe for a cup of coffee, after a long and exhausting day and simply enjoy the view of many yachts and sailing vessels tied up by along the promenade.

Cavtat tour will overwhelm you and on the end of the day you will really have Cavtat in your heart.

guided tours Region Tours --> Cavtat Tour
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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. During the summer months from end of June to early September Cavtat Summer Festival is the most popular Cavtat attraction. Most evenings present the traditional music of the region in its many forms. The festival is held by the waterfront.

2. Although the name of Cavtat could be derived from "Civitus Vetus" - "Old City" according to legend Cavtat got its name from a gorgeous princess Cavtislava whose heart broke of shock when big lizzard landed in her lap on an inaguariation of a new water supply system. The water sytem system, a task given by Cavtislava's father to her suitors, was built by suitor Vrsanin and the lizzard landing was arranged by a jelaous candidate.

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