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Elaphite Islands Tour

Elaphite Islands Tour can be also named Three Island cruise as you take a boat ride which takes you to the three largest islands in the Elaphite archipelago: Koločep, Šipan and Lopud. This is a full day tour and lasts for eight hours.

These islands are the nature's finest and ruins of former patrician summer residences are scattered along the wooded slopes of these islands.

We make a short stop on the island of Koločep before we continue our trip to Lopud where we will visit the Franciasian monastery and the church of St. Mary from the 15th-century.

After short sightseeing tour of Lopud, we will continue our trip to Sudurac port on the island of Šipan where we will also make a short sightseeing round and have ourselves a lunch. The lunch will include grilled fish and Dlamatian wine while a local group entertains you with typical Dalmatian music.

After lunch we will return to Lopud for swimming and leisure time. Lopud will offer you plenty of time for swimming and relaxing on its lovely sandy beaches, especially impressive is the famous Šunj beach. After leisure time we will return home.

guided tours Region Tours --> Elaphite Islands Tour
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Dubrovnik - Did you Know?

1. According to Dubrovnik historian Razzi, in 16th century Lopud had 30 churches, a vast number of Dubrovnik aristocracy summer manors and several monasteries.

2. Largest island in the Elaphite archipelago is Šipan. Name Šipan comes from latin word "gypana" meaning "The island of eagles".

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