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Saplunara Beach - Mljet Island

Mljet Island viewMljet island is found only 30 km (20 miles) of Dubrovnik. Mljet is the largest island in the Dubrovnik archipelago and with its elongated shape it is 37 km (25 miles) in length and only an average of 3km (1.8 miles) in width. Northwestern part of the island is an area of 5.375 ha of protected land, the "Mljet" National Park.

Mljet is perfect for hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, bycicling, swimming and other outdoor activities. Those who enjoy true nature, fresh air, and nice scenery will enjoy Mljet to its fullest.

Mljet Island - bay viewThere are two ways to get to Mljet from Dubrovnik and both are by sea. You can either go by a slow ferry ship called “Postira” or a real fast catamaran “Nona Ana”. Both trips start out of Dubrovnik's Port Gruz. There is also another ferry line to Mljet from place called Prapratno on peninsula Peljesac. Alternatively you are able to reach Mljet as a part of our Speedboating Adventure. Going to Mljet with a Speed Boat is probably the most relaxing way to enjoy what Mljet has to offer.

Mljet Island Hiking   Mljet Saplunara

Saplunara Beach is found in a deep bay on the far side of the island completely opposite to the Mljet National Park. There, close to the settlement of Saplunara, the perfect sandy beach emerges from the deep shadow of the aleppo woods. The water is crystal clear and the bay provides safe anchorage to yachts and pleasure boats seeking rest and relaxation on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic.

Saplunara beach on Mljet   View from Saplunara beach Mljet

The beach itself offers usual amenities and those seeking adventure like jet-skiing would probably end up disappointed. On the beach you are able to rent deck chairs for sunbathing or enjoy the refreshments in the conveniently located beach bar.


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Mljet - Did you know?

Mljet National Park is a beautiful area of unique charm featuring two connected salty lakes, the nature's masterpiece. The Great Lake covers an area of 145 ha, with a depth up to 46 m while the Small Lake covers an area of 24 ha and a maximum depth of 29 m.

The natural secrets of both lakes have attracted many scientists over the years, as well as innumerable nature lovers seeking unspoiled nature. Amidst the Great Lake a small isle, St. Mary, is found with an ancient benedictine monastery and a small church dating to the 12th century.

Beautiful, rich forest, surrounds the lakes and fills the park with small wood roads and discrete pathways, perfect for hiking and bicycle rides. The woods gently descend all the way to the surface of the crystal clear lakes giving hikers, bikers and swimmers a refreshing shade, enhancing the tranquil feeling which Mljet radiates.

To learn more on Mljet follow the given link: Mljet Island

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