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Sunj Beach - Lopud Island

Postira - Ship line from Dubrovnik to LopudLopud island found its place in the Elaphite archipelago just north-west of Dubrovnik. The only connection of the island with the main land is a regular small ship line to/from the Dubrovnik Port of Gruz.

The whole island is densely wooded with Mediterannean and subtropic vegetation, amazing cypress and pine parks, and citrus gardens.

The ship berths in the settlement on the far side of the island.

Lopud island Franciscan Monastery TowerThe view of the Lopud bay settlement is marked by prominent defence tower and walls of the Francisian monastery from 1483 standing out of the lush vegetation, positioned in the close vicinity of the small breakwater where the ship line berths. The monastery holds many valuable art works in its church of St. Mary of Spilica, with works of Pietra da Giovanni, Nikola Božidarević, Girolama da Santacroce, Bassana and many others.

Lopud island promenadeThe settlement itself is spread along the bay, following the coast line. In this way a picturesque promenade is formed with several restaurants, small shops and ice cream stands along this seaside walkway. It is interesting to note that there are no cars on the island.

Lopud Island Restaurant on the promenadeFormerly in the days of the Dubrovnik Republic the island served as the leisure spot of the aristocracy as numerous summer residences were built on the island. Dubrovnik historian Razzi noted that in the 16th century Lopud had 30 churches, several monastaries and a vast number of these summer manors. That information is quite bewildering considering how the island is only 4,6 square kilometers large (1.8 sq. mi).

View from LopudIn order to get to the Sunj beach one has to follow the path across the island taking you up the hill and then down through the wooded pathway until you reach the sandy shore of the Sunj beach. Lopud - sunj beach It is 15-20 minutes hike across the island. For those unwilling or unable to walk there is an option of going to the other side on a tourist wagon that regularly goes across the island.

Sunj beach is a perfect sandy beach with knee deep water reaching up to 100 meters (yards) into the sea hence the beach is perfect for families with small children.

Sunj beach does not provide any natural shade shelter, although sun umbrellas can be rented, thus it is quite important that you bring enough sunscreen along on this trip especially since the sun feels to be stronger due to the reflective properties of shallow water. Even those with dark tan tend to come back red coloured from the whole day visit to Sunj beach.

Sunj beach - Dubrovnik  Sunj Beach Dubrovnik

Right there on the beach there are two small beach restaurant/snack bars, providing cool refreshments and simple food dishes.

If you would like to visit the Lopud island and the Sunj beach as a part of the group tour we would recommend to join the The Elaphite Island Cruise or if you would like to enjoy the island in the Dubrovnik archipelago on your own Speed Boat Adventure might be the perfect option for you.

Home --> Vacation Activities --> Beaches --> Sunj Beach on Lopud
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Lopud - Did you know?

Sunj beach on Lopud Island is one of the few places that are perfect for playing Picigin. Now you are probably wondering, what is Picigin ?

Sunj beach Picigin

Picigin is a Croatian summer water game/sport most suitably played in knee deep water. Picigin is played with a ball that should be fist sized.
The players stand placed so that they are forming a circle. There is no limit to the number of players. The players commonly hit the ball with an open palm. However any other part of the body is also allowed and the point of the game is to keep the ball as long as possible in the air.
The reason why Sunj beach is one of the best places to play this game is that the soft sand and shallow water allow for a variety of acrobatic moves as players itentionally give each other "hard" balls so as to provide for an attractive gameplay. It is not uncommon for people to "bite the sand" or run across the beach and throw themselves stretching to their maximum after the ball.

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