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St. Jakov Beach - Dubrovnik

St. Jakov beach got its name for a church and abbey of Saint Jakov (Jacobi - James) located on the high cliff just above the beach.

Church and abbey of St JamesThe church of St. James and the Benedictine Abbey of Višnjica were built in 1222. This original Romanesque church and the Abbey underwent thorough changes in the mid 16th century in the traditional Gothic-Renaissance style. The portal and its windows were added to the western facade in the Baroque period. During the time of the Republic, the Ragusan emissaries spent some time in this Abbey before going off with the annual tribute to the Porte in Constantinople. The Abbey was dissolved after the fall of the Republic, at the beginning of the 19th century, while the church is still in use.

The stairway leading to St Jakov beachTo reach the St. Jakov beach you should head east, about 1,5 kilometers away from the walled City Dubrovnik. To get to St Jakov beach one has to take the small road to the left of the entrance of Hotel Grand Villa Argentina and follow the small road to its end, passing by the Villa Dubrovnik hotel, and coming to the small parking lot in front of the church and abbey of St. Jakov. To get to the beach one has to take the road behind the abbey and find the small stairway leading down to the beach.

View of Dubrovnik from St Jakov Jakov beach Dubrovnik

The beach uncovers the most surreal view of the walled City of Dubrovnik and the Lokrum island in front. The beach is a mix of pebbles and sand. However the pebbles dominate in the water while the sand is mostly limited to the dry part of the beach.

Beach bar at Jakov Beach Dubrovnik  St Jakov Beach Dubrovnik

Jakov Beach DubrovnikThe beach features a small volleyball court, a beach bar where it is possible to sit for refreshments, buy ice cream or rent deck-chairs. At the beach it is also possible to rent a kayak and take it on a spin. However, if you are looking for a kayak adventure in Dubrovnik we recommend you to read more on kayaking in Dubrovnik

Due to its location St Jakov is sunny since the early morning until the sunset making this beach a perfect choice for persons seeking to catch a sun-tan.

Home --> Vacation Activities --> Beaches --> St Jakov Beach
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Banje beach Dubrovnik

Banje beach is another public beach featuring a superb close up view of Dubrovnik City walls and is located just next to the east entrance to the walled City of Dubrovnik.
Unlike St. Jakov beach which is somewhat isolated hence it became the preffered bathing spot of the local commune, the Banje beach is the choice of the tourist visitor. Banje beach is mix of sand and pebbles.
Same as the Jakov beach the position of Banje beach offers the whole day of sun exposure and for those looking to seek shelter from the sun there is large cocktail bar right at the beach.

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